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Thanks for visiting the Creatchy website. We've set this site up so that you could find out about our live gig schedules and tours, shop for CD's and other merchandise, leave messages for us, and find out more about who we are and what we are up to. Creatchy Productions was formed in 1983 in the No. Hollywood / Studio City area of the San Fernando Valley and has been bringing you great live and recorded music ever since. Creatchy Records was formed in order to bring you the very best in creative and progressive music of all kinds without being watered-down by all of the corporate B.S. of most big record companies. We feel very fortunate to have had our music reach so many people all over the world and greatly appreciate your support. Thank You Very Much!

We hope to keep this site updated enough to satisfy your interest, please keep coming back for more news and info. and of course 'New and Great Sounds'.

See Ya!