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Tribute To Jeff

Artist : david GARFIELD and friends
Cat# : CD000
Price : $17.00 US Dollars

This is the original version of the cd, released in 1997.

Jeff Porcaro was adored by fans all over the world, and sought out by the very best musicians and artists in the music business. He had a rich, full life cut short long before its time. Jeff not only achieved extraordinary success as a musician, but as a human being as well. Porcaro, drummer nonpareil, multiple Grammy winner with the band Toto and one of the Los Angeles music scene's brightest guiding spirits for two decades, passed away thirteen years ago, but his extraordinary musical soul is alive and in full groove thanks to all of his friends and fans, colleagues and protégés.

Covering an amazingly wide ranging cross section of the genres and styles that inspired, shaped and defined Porcaro's career, Tribute to Jeff by David Garfield and Friends is a grand statement in the Quincy Jones "cast of thousands" tradition and an incredible feat both musically and logistically. Not to mention, great entertainment. But at the core of its diversity and passion lies a labor of love for all the musicians involved, an opportunity for them to laugh and cry and remember the man who set the standard and enriched all of their lives.

Sound Bytes :

"E Minor Shuffle" (Track 1) (file size - 128k)

"Lowdown" (Track 4) (file size - 144k)

"Babylon Sisters" (Track 9) (file size - 136k)

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"E Minor Shuffle" (Track 1) (file size - 60k)

"Lowdown" (Track 4) (file size - 60k)

"Babylon Sisters" (Track 9) (file size - 60k)

Note : These clips use Flash version 6 or higher Format

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