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Blue Tav

Artist : steve TAVAGLIONE
Cat# : CR006
Price : $17.00 US Dollars

A progressive instrumental project which highlights Creatchy's commitment to state-of-the-art musicality. The varied compositions here feature Tavaglione on the Akai EWI (an electric wind synthesizer) as well as his masterful saxophone work. 'Blue Tav' also includes Vinnie Colaiuta on drums and Allan Holdsworth on guitar.

Sound Bytes :

"Black Cadillac" (Track 4) (file size - 124k)

"Kenya Dig It" (Track 1) (file size - 128k)

"Uncle Oil" (Track 6) (file size - 128k)

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"Black Cadillac" (Track 4) (file size - 60k)

"Kenya Dig It" (Track 1) (file size - 60k)

"Uncle Oil" (Track 6) (file size - 60k)

Note : These clips use Flash version 6 or higher Format

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