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True Love

Artist : michael O'NEIL
Cat# : CR007
Price : $17.00 US Dollars

Known for his collaborations as a guitarist and vocalist for Stevie Wonder and George Benson, O'Neill's album is a balance of pop vocal and contemporary jazz instrumentals. Also contains guest performances by Phil Perry, Tata Vega, the Tower of Power Horns and Kirk Whalum.

Sound Bytes :

"Again and Again" (Track 4) (file size - 120k)

"First Exit" (Track 7) (file size - 124k)

"Gotta Get Up" (Track 6) (file size - 136k)

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"Again and Again" (Track 4) (file size - 60k)

"First Exit" (Track 7) (file size - 60k)

"Gotta Get Up" (Track 6) (file size - 60k)

Note : These clips use Flash version 6 or higher Format

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