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All The Way Live

Artist : KARIZMA
Cat# : CR011
Price : $17.00 US Dollars

Fourth in a series of Karizma CDs capturing their legendary performance at Bravas Club in Tokyo, 6/24/87.

Digitally edited & re-mastered, this CD is a must for Karizma fans and for those who have just been introduced to the incredible musical legacy of this multi-talented group.


David Garfield

Carlos Vega

Nathan East

Lenny Castro

Larry Klimas

Mike Miller

This CD is dedicated to the loving memory of Carlos Vega
12/7/56 - 4/6/98

Sound Bytes :

"Sting" (Track 2) (file size - 128k)

"Juliamy" (Track 5) (file size - 220k)

"Jive" (Track 8) (file size - 148k)

Note : These clips use Flash version 6 or higher Format
Best when viewed with DSL. Dial-up will take extra time to view / hear the clip. Please be patient if using dial-up connection.

If using dial-up connection, try these smaller clips :

"Sting" (Track 2) (file size - 60k)

"Juliamy" (Track 5) (file size - 60k)

"Jive" (Track 8) (file size - 60k)

Note : These clips use Flash version 6 or higher Format

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