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Artist : david GARFIELD and friends
Cat# : CR015
Price : $17.00 US Dollars

Orginally released in 1988 as music for a Japanese animae, Riding Bean in most respects is Karizma's 3rd studio release. Like most Karizma releases, the LP is a mixture of great West Coast fusion and well crafted songs, featuring some of L.A.'s greatest musicians. Digitally remasted with new artwork, this CD is 49:00 minutes filled of signature Creatchy material enhanced by the great grooves of the late Carlos Vega, Jimmy Johnson and that signature Landau guitar sound.

Out of print for years this rerelease is the Creatchy label's 15th title and features guest appearances by, Phil Perry, Teddy Castellucci, Steve Tavaglione, Larry Klimas, Brandon Fields, Ralf Rickert and the incomperable Lenny Castro.

Sound Bytes :

"Road Buster" (Track 1) (file size - 124k)

"Bean Bandit Boogie" (Track 4) (file size - 132k)

"Runnin' the Road" (Track 10) (file size - 120k)

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"Road Buster" (Track 1) (file size - 60k)

"Bean Bandit Boogie" (Track 4) (file size - 60k)

"Runnin' the Road" (Track 10) (file size - 60k)

Note : These clips use Flash version 6 or higher Format

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